As a psychotherapist since 1975, I have dedicated my professional career to helping my clients look within and gain a balanced understanding of their lives. For most of us, the complicated demands and pressures of each day, and the burdens that we carry from our past, compromise our ability to be true to our own needs. Consequently, we often cave in to the expectations of others, and do not pay sufficient attention to what is truly important to us.

As you can imagine, many of my clients come to me in despair, angry and tearful that their most important relationships have caused them a tremendous amount of pain. What I do is help people gain insight into why their relationships and careers have not been working out and help them find a way to achieve the level of satisfaction and joy that they crave. I encourage them to look closely at, and then to understand, the factors that get in their way. I help them to come up with strategies that enable them to approach their loved ones with a fresh perspective—one that is listened to and makes headway to resolving the differences.

I’m an active therapist and give a lot of feedback. I’m able to point things out to my clients that they can hear and appreciate (but would never accept from their family and friends!) My approach is supportive and positive; my feedback is balanced and fair. My clients know that I am committed to helping them make significant changes in their lives and that I care.

I hold degrees from Cornell and Columbia in New York and went for specialized training at the Ackerman Institute for Marital and Family Therapy in Manhattan. I have had additional training through Mentorcoach, a program especially designed for experienced mental health professionals to transition their therapeutic skills to a coaching model. Since the 1980’s, I have served as a consultant to the human resource departments of major corporations and advised managers and employees on a multitude of workplace and personnel needs. My private practice was located in New York for over thirty years, and I am now practicing full time in Palm Beach Gardens.

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